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Sous Vide Turkey Breast

Many people skilled or lucky enough to bag a wild turkey are very disappointed when it comes time to eat their prize. This is generally because whoever winds up doing the cooking thinks they can treat the wild version the same as they would a store-bought turkey, i.e., roast it in the oven. Unfortunately, the results are often dry and tough. There is a better way though…

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Holiday meals

Knowing we were going to have a house-full for Christmas this year, I wanted prepare a few dishes (or at least the main components) ahead of time, and also make some items that would last all week in the frig and be handy to set out anytime the crowd was looking for some finger food to take the edge off before the next big meal. Charcuterie offers a classic way to do both

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Fall Odyssey 2018 - The Last Leg

I completed the final leg of the 2018 Fall Odyssey and made it back to Sheridan a couple of weeks ago. Interesting driving conditions and sharing the kitchen with Rebecca during a stopover in Whitefish rounded out the five-week journey. And finally able to hunt grouse again at home in Wyoming…

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