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We are To The Point Outfitters – a group dedicated to organizing bird hunting and fishing adventures to Latin America.  In particular, we have made a specialty of adventures to Argentina, but we continuously keep our eyes and ears open for great trips to other Latin American countries as well.

Our specialty is leading hosted trips to Latin America.  Year in and year out, trip after trip, the most common feedback we get (aside from how awesome the fishing and hunting was), is how much less stressful the trip was because of traveling with someone who's been there before, knows their way around, and speaks the language.  We do the up front planning and then lead the way once on the ground in the destination country.  On those occasions when things don't go quite as planned, our guests appreciate having someone on hand to smooth out the rough spots. 


about your host

Keith Marcott heads up our operation and has been traveling abroad to hunt and fish for 30 years. His passion for destination trips embraces not only the flyfishing and wingshooting to be found in far off places, but the food and culture of those locales as well.  

Keith has fished Argentina from the southernmost trout stream in the world at the tip of Tierra del Fuego, to the Paraná River on the country’s northern border with Paraguay. He speaks Castellano (Argentine Spanish) and his specialty is hosting trips targeting trout in Patagonia and dorado in the warm-water river systems of the Paraná Basin. On the bird hunting side, Keith’s experience includes upland birds and waterfowl in both Argentina and Uruguay.